16 March, 2009

Jenny Holzer's Projections

Jenny Holzer has an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC. I love her Projections series of light/language "sculptures" that were broadcast 43 separate times on buildings in cities around the world from 1996 - 2007. These will not be included in her exhibition at the Whitney. Instead, you can now find a series of paintings by Holzer entitled Redactions, where she silkscreens text from declassified government documents onto canvases. There will also be a section dedicated to her LED work. She takes aesthetics into account when designing the color and shape of her LED signs, and has also programmed declassified government documents into this work. All of this is so very powerful and poignant, and it makes me wish I lived in New York. Above all, however, I still love her Projections.

Whitney Exhibition Description

Website for Projections

These are some of Holzer's Projections from Florence, Italy in 1996:

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