31 December, 2005

DCide Records

You guys need to check out this Indie Record Label: DCide Records . Everything I've listened to from them I've liked (which of course means it's amazing...sarcasm people, sarcasm.)

Also MORE BANDS!!!! I have bands coming out of my ass...

Caspian: Fun, instrumental, brooding.

Breakestra: Funky & Afrobeat, where can you go wrong.

Paramore: Pretty straight forward emo, but with a power-pop punch.

29 December, 2005

Everything isn't meant to be okay...

I've got a few more music suggestions for whoever reads this blog (I mean, I know who I gave the URL to but there are probably other people lurking. HELLO LURKERS!!!!)

Distinguished Members: Good band. Kind of prog rock. The band they come closest to is probably Dredg, but everyone knows Dredg is completely unclassifiable except to say that they are "sort of prog rock-ish" and that really doesn't clarify.

Those Who Wait: When I read that they are electronic I wasn't expecting what I heard (which is a good thing btw.) Just go check them out, they're good.

The Hold Steady: So weird, in an amazing way. Craig Finn (he's what would be called the vocalist, but he doesn't really sing) has this voice that reminds me of Jello Biafra. The only way I can think to describe the music is steady spoken word stories over fairly interesting and well-played music of an unclassifiable sort. It's not really that the music is unclassifiable, it's more like there's so much going on with the vocals that the music is somewhat secondary. If you like Hold Steady check out Lifter Puller, they sound very similar (understandably. Craig Finn was also the vocalist for Lifter Puller.)

Hey, does this seem like a music blog to you guys? Because it really seems like all I ever write about is music. ; )

27 December, 2005

Right on!!!

WE SAY RIGHT ON!!! (anti-flag doesn't stand for anti the american flag does it?)

I'm phsyched outta mind for the New Year!!!

22 December, 2005


The Pink Spiders are hottttttt....

They're like the Cars mixed with a Buddy Holly who went a little emo (there's some Weezer in there somewhere too.)

20 December, 2005

Stuff to Check Out!

Also: Bleeding Through

Let Go is kind of like Jimmy Eat World, but sometimes a little harder.

Bleeding Through is hardcore/metal. They sound a bit like Killswitch Engage, but they have angrier lyrics.


10 December, 2005

Stagnation: Musical Segregation in 2005

I’m frustrated with the musical state of things lately. Bands are profuse and accessibility is at a high, with the Myspace/iTunes generation (mine) using every piece of technology that is literally at their fingertips. So why, do you ask, am I frustrated? Despite this accessibility, I’m finding it harder and harder to find a band that truly moves me. A band that’s saying something real, a band that is genre-defying, a band that will change the course of music history.

Part of our problem is that with this new technology era everything has to have labels. Myspace bands are forced to use certain preset labels to describe themselves. iTunes places every band into a limited genre category. By naming something you force it into a box, you place it in a group. Band segregation is a major problem. Without a broad base of musical knowledge, and a creative leaning their is no musical innovation.

One of music’s great innovators, Bob Dylan grew up in a small town where different music was not extremely accessible. He pushed himself by listening not only to the popular music, but also artists like Woody Guthrie. He later joined a musically diverse community in New York City, became famous by writing and playing amazing folk music and then left a core audience behind by going electric. He’s considered one of the most distinguished and popular musicians of our time. Lately it seems too many bands are happy with mediocrity, too many artists are comfortable with stagnation.

Music is an exploration. A process of self-discovery. Almost every person I come across these days has thrown themselves into one of these music segregation groups. People don’t tend to travel outside of their preset genre, unless pushed by musically conscious friends. I am by no means saying that people should force themselves to listen to music that they hate, but before you decide to hate something take a listen, don’t just look at the genre.

03 December, 2005



Check these freaks out...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They rock!