28 July, 2006

So I know this girl...

...And she's pretty freakin' cool. I expect to hear about obscure/cutting edge (not to mention excellent) music when I talk to her. She told me about this dude, Mason Jennings, who writes these amazing amazing songs. I happened to be in a bit of a sad/contemplative/evolving mood and I needed to hear something beautiful, so I threw this guy's album, Boneclouds, in my CD player and quickly listened to the beginnings of 11 songs (all of which rock, btw.) One intro really struck me, and I'm still trying to figure out if some of the chords are directly from "Stairway to Heaven", but basically that's not the point. Basically this song, "Which Way Your Heart Will Go" spoke to me directly and totally fit the situation and mood I'm in.

Isn't it weird how things work out that way?

23 July, 2006

All I wanna do is write a stupid song...

My All-time favorite Stupid Songs (a list to laugh at)

"Chewing Gum" by Annie
"Cherry Pie" by Warrant
"Apache" by Sugarhill Gang
"Dragostea Din Tei" by O-ZONE
"She's Tight" by Cheap Trick
"Sugar Sugar" by The Archies
"Dirty Little Secret" by All-American Rejects

^fun, fun, fun...closet classics, anyone?

08 July, 2006


My all-time favorite band plays an awesome song while acting like fools...What more can you ask for?

Videos by vMix Member:

07 July, 2006


I just found a gem of a video while searching for old Weezer mp3s. Check out the video for "Buddy Holly" on www.aolmusic.com

Weezer is a band that is not necessarily reliable musically, but some of their stuff rocks. My all-time favorite Weezer tune is "El Scorcho." I love the lyric about the Green Day concert...