29 August, 2005

Neruda and Sin City

Pablo Neruda is amazing. I've been reading a book of his translated poetry, and it's gorgeous. My favorite poems are Ode With A Lament, The Great Ocean, and Love Sonnet XVII. Yet again I wish I could speak and read Spanish fluently.

"...Unfortunately, I've nothing to give you but fingernails,
or eyelashes, or melted pianos,
or dreams that bubble up from my heart,
dusty dreams that gallop like black riders,
dreams full of hurry and disfortune..."

- Pablo Neruda

Amid the many things I did yesterday (fleamarket, driving, etc.) I watched Sin City, a movie based on the comic books (graphic novels?) of Frank Miller. It was disturbingly violent, and creepy, including pedophiles and cannibals, but despite this, I enjoyed it. I don't believe I will ever feel the same way about Elijah Wood again though.

21 August, 2005

The Katie Todd Band

I love this band!!!

Listen to them here: Katie Todd Band

17 August, 2005

Other people feel this way?

“During most of that time I was absolutely at sea so far as any moral purpose was concerned, clinging only to the desire to live in a really living world and refusing to be content with a shadowy intellectual or aesthetic reflection of it.”

-Jane Addams "Twenty Years at Hull-House"

16 August, 2005

The Click Five

Why do the Click Five annoy me so much? I can usually deal with boy bands. When I was little I was a Backstreet Boys fan. N'Sync wasn't talentless. 98 Degrees was fine. Now the Backstreet Boys can be annoying, but I understand the interest.

Maybe my dislike comes from a Boston Globe article I read last Sunday. It was all about the Click Five. The main idea was that the Click Five (I believe four went to Berklee) are a manufactured band, who are in the music business for the money. I already guessed that before reading the article. How many pop bands come together of their own accord for the betterment of the musical community? Not many. Most of those bands are manufactured. Very few started in their garage. No, this "revelation" didn't throw me. My problem comes from a comment made by their manager that the Click Five could be the next Beatles. What the fuck? Do I need to get my ears checked?

The Beatles are classic. They took chances with pop music that had never been taken. They did insane stuff musically, and they wrote politically challenging lyrics. I apologize if I sound like a cynic, but I highly doubt the Click Five will ever be on the same page with the Beatles.

15 August, 2005


I've got another new band for you guys. Last night on New England Product I heard this cool, local, new (ish) band called Waltham. I really like their music, which you can stream off of their website: Waltham Band

You can also check out their Myspace here: Waltham Myspace

14 August, 2005

Lost In Translation

I'm reading a translation of My Invented Country by Isabel Allende. It's about Chile and the Chilean people. The story is interesting, especially the descriptions of Chile. It sounds like a gorgeous country! The mountains, the sea, the vegetation. It makes me want to live there.

Yet, I cannot help feeling that I'm missing something in the book. A certain level of poignancy that cannot be expressed in English. It's times like these I wish I could speak and read Spanish well.

11 August, 2005

Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra is hosting a protest and concert in D.C. September 24th. I totally want to go!!! I MEAN JELLO BIAFRA PEOPLE!!! Le Tigre is also playing. Now I just have to convince my parents to let me go to a rally and anti-war march...therein lies the problem. Find out more here: United For Peace Rally

Wake Me Up When September Ends

I'm not sure whether I like the video for this song or not. I love the song, but the video kind of deviates from the meaning of the song. Billy Joe Armstrong has always said that the song is about his father dying (my understanding is that his father was diagnosed with cancer the September Billy was 10.) The video is a story of two lovers separated by war. I think maybe Green Day had to make the video political so that it fit with the American Idiot storyline, but I'm not sure whether it will go over well with their longtime fans who pay close attention to the meaning of their music. If you haven't seen the video you can watch it here: AOL Music

07 August, 2005

"I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist..."

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06 August, 2005

ZOX and Dredg

Okay if you haven't heard of Dredg and ZOX before you should go to their websites, and then buy their music. Believe me they rock!!!!


Dredg: Dredg

Both of these bands are amazing and unclassifiable!!!