13 December, 2012

mood music: Nick Cave and Patti Smith

i've had this strong urge to listen to Nick Cave lately, and the feeling that his music is going to spark some new feeling in me. like it's going to reveal itself to me in a new way. do any of you know this feeling with music? i've been picking through his double album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus and listening to songs based purely on the way the titles make me feel. listening to "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" i realized how much the album reminds me of Patti Smith's music. here's a live version of the song performed on Jools Holland:

it makes want to see him live so badly. wow.

here's Patti Smith performing live on Jools Holland with "Gloria":
both songs have vaguely spiritual, or at least religiously influenced undertones. both songs are subversive and sexually charged. both songs are powerful like crashing waves through your stereo. both performers seem energized, explosive, and dark. i love this music.