20 March, 2009

"Harbor Saints (LIVE)" by Michael Zapruder

I started reading about Michael Zapruder at this blog: Love Shack, Baby. There are some quality posts, and I urge my lovely readers to check 'em out.

As for Mr. Zapruder, listen and be lulled to sleep. Then, listen again (really listen) and stay up awake all night thinking.


a Tart said...

Well, thanks so much for the write up! I'm kinda star-struck to be mentioned on here xoxo

thursdaysaremyfridays said...

michael puts on such a great live performance. it's never the same show twice.

noel [at] sidecho.com said...

Music Snob -

Thank you for posting about Michael Zapruder. Couldn't find your email address to personally send you a quick thank you email. If you're interested in checking out other artists from SideCho Records please contact me at noel [at] sidecho.com

noel [at] sidecho.com