30 June, 2008

"Looking Out My Back Door" - CCR


p&b said...

i found your blog through google blog search beta. out of ten blogs i read i only end up liking point five.

i'm going to reply directly to your blog to your comments.

i'm beginning to really like your blog. i was reading your 2005 entires. you covered everything from BJ Armstrong's arse (what's with the eye make up?) to Neruda (1 of my proffs tells me to read him) to Everything is Illuminated (din't read the book, but watched the movie- made me wanna go to the Odessa) to ole Bob Dylan (i only found out recently he was Zimmerman haha). i especailly liked that you expressed your concern for the genrefication of music. i did a course "CInema & Genre" last sem. truth be told i hated the course. i find a lot of good cinema and good music are those that transcend genre categorisation. i really think it's important to listen to artists without letting the genre that marketers and critics categorise them into colour our listening.

keep on posting

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with CCR. I put this on and the rest of my family wandered over to come watch it with me - they look so young! And blissed-out! That was great.