27 June, 2008

I have a crush on an animated robot

I think it's his eyes. They're just so big and full of love.

I have yet to actually see the movie Wall-E (I want to go!), but every time I see a trailer I just grow more fond of this little computer guy. I have been listening to the soundtrack, which is quite long and fairly enchanting.

It's mostly a score by Thomas Newman (Finding Nemo, Little Women, etc.) with a few original songs with lyrics sprinkled in for good measure. I'll begin with the sprinkles.

"Put On Your Sunday Clothes" by Michael Crawford and Company sounds Vaudevillian, and also classically Broadway (probably because it's from Hello Dolly), but it works well in a distant future where humans have tarnished the planet. It has history, but almost in the way that a dilapidated old house has history. It has history for people who are no longer alive, or at least are no longer around to enjoy it, and it echoes with the past. Skip ahead a few songs to Louis Armstrong's "La Vie En Rose", the quintessential romantic song. It's light and it floats on a feeling, but it is also very strongly written. The sentiment is clearly stated, and the emotion is completely honest. I can guess that this song is the background to Wall-E's romance with Eve. "It Only Takes A Moment" by Michael Crawford sounds like an original Disney love song, but is also from Hello Dolly. It reminds me of the best music from the early animated movies like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Michael Crawford is the Phantom of the Opera, and he definitely lends some authenticity to the sounds of Wall-E. Peter Gabriel then makes a guest appearance with "Down to Earth". I am a Peter Gabriel fan (what John Cusack fan isn't?) and this song stays very true to Gabriel's sound while also fitting in with the rest of the soundtrack.

The score is dramatic, playful, enchanting, and fitting. "WALL-E" has the consistency of a manufacturing line, with precision that is actually fairly warm. It gives me the feeling (a feeling I already had) that this artificially intelligent being has all the makings of a human, including the flaws. "Eve" is heartwarming, with a first-love feeling, while "Eve Retrieve" is anxious and dangerous sounding. "Mutiny" marches and strides along with confidence, but also with elements of fear. "Hyperjump" soars, and "Horizon 12.2" ends the movie with hope.

The soundtrack is really excellent, and it makes me think that the movie will be excellent as well. I can only hope, since I've fallen head over heels for the main character.

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