12 May, 2012

a random mix for graduation

I sent this one out into the universe, and I am not sure where it landed. But I am including it here for anyone who still reads this blog. 

I am hoping I will have a moment in the near future when I want to write about music as much as I want to listen to it. It hasn't happened yet. Maybe I got tired of my own writing (after all, I've been doing a lot of it in college). Maybe I got tired of writing about things I cannot quite condense into words. The point is, I am about to post this mix without a lot of interesting back story. I basically got a prompt from my graduating class to put a bunch of songs on a CD that reflect some of my time in college: that is both the easiest thing for me to do right now and an impossible task. How do I condense four years and many different iterations of me onto an 80MB disc? Tough, tough. But also pretty impossible to mess up. So here is what I pulled together:

"Blister in the Sun" - the Violent Femmes
"The Devil Never Sleeps" - Iron & Wine
"Galileo" - the Indigo Girls
"Angel From Montgomery" - Bonnie Raitt and John Prine
"Overkill" - Colin Hay
"Do You Swear to Tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth So Help Your Black Ass" - Amanda Palmer
"People Have The Power" - Patti Smith
"One Way Road" - John Butler Trio
"Folding Chair" - Regina Spektor
"Fake French" - Le Tigre
"Furr" - Blitzen Trapper
"The Long Way Home" - Norah Jones
"Cassidy" - Suzanne Vega
"Bertha" - the Grateful Dead

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