14 February, 2009

Happy V-Day from Otis Redding

Try A Little Tenderness (Live)

Last year I picked some less than amazing songs on Valentine's Day. This is the real shit, man.


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PnB said...

ah Otis, my sister makes such a big deal about him, and i annoy her by not listening, but i heard that song about the bay and made me recall the end of On The Road quite vivdly. i do the same thing with Kafka. i was anti-Kafka before, then i finally admitted that i was missing out on Gregory and all those stories i have to read again.

2nd thing: i didn't search ur blog, but u must have talked about it...do u think visuals compromise the listening experience? like the youtube stuff you post. Videos really distract me so i personally prefer just audio.Live performances filmed are another thing- the focus us definitely diffused from the purely aural. showmanship (is this word still politically correct?) and the actual performance is just as much part music. so would you say that just audio would a limitation or an injustice committed, as some thing that subtracts from music, or would be a "purer", more deliberate engagement with the music? ie. are visuals just spectacle? Wat say you music snob?