26 February, 2009

The 17 Best Romantic Comedies of the Last Decade (according to Paste magazine)

I think seventeen is a bit of an arbitrary number. However, I cannot help my personal infatuation with romantic comedies, and I cannot help feeling a little disappointed that I have only watched six of the seventeen on Paste's only slightly pretentious list.

Now, I do have my qualms with this list. One thing that I find disappointing is the lack of John Cusack movies (there's only one on the list). If I were writing this post I would break my own rules and extend the time period to encompass Grosse Pointe Blank, which is essentially my all-time favorite romantic comedy. Still, I am more than a little enamored with the idea of so many romantic comedies as yet unappreciated. My goal is to watch the other eleven movies this year. That seems feasible, doesn't it? It isn't like I really have to do anything.

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