01 April, 2008

Fools Rush In

I'm sitting here trying to find a way to fool all of my blog readers, but nothing's coming to me. I guess I'll just shuffle off into my musical cave and search for gold. Before you continue to read my musings, this is a list that no one with a sense of humor should be deprived of today: 10 Best: April Fools' Gags (the Web is Closing for Spring Cleaning!)

Here's my April 1st, 2008 playlist:

"Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" - Jay-Z

If it weren't for the fact that Jay-Z is so hardcore, this song would really make me laugh. To be honest, it makes me laugh just to imagine how silly I look rocking out to this slang-filled joint.

"Time to Start" - Blue Man Group

With instructions for dancing at a rock concert delivered in a banal P.S.A. manner and perfectly juxtaposed with the undeniable percussion, BMG does it again. All I need is some toilet-paper, and I'm ready to rock.

"Phyliss" - Apollo Sunshine

Just the fact that this song was written about a pet rabbit makes it amazing. The lyrics just add to that: "Well if the universe ends, then how does it end? And if it doesn't end, well then how is that possible?" Let's get metaphysical with Apollo Sunshine.

"Hot Hot Hot" - Bina Mistry

There were a couple of things I noticed the other night when I rewatched Bend It Like Beckham. The first was the depth and absolute gorgeousness of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' eyes (collective "awww" from the female viewers. Yeah, he's just that damn cute). The other thing I noticed was how happy and fun Bollywood music is, this song included.

"Brick House" - The Commodores

"36-24-36, ow, what a winning hand!"

"Move On Up" - Curtis Mayfield

My new favorite song. That horn is addictive and the lyrics are beautiful.

"Burnout" - Green Day

"Apathy has rained on me, and now I'm feeling like a soggy dream. So close to drowning, but I don't mind."

"Jump Around" - House Of Pain

The appeal of this song is purely nostalgic. I feel like I've been sent back to the '90s.

"Do Your Thing" - Basement Jaxx

This is a banging track. "All I need is a bopping beat to bop away my blues..."

"Wannabe" - Spice Girls

Sue me.

"Deceptacon" - Le Tigre

The lyrics are so sweetly angry, I love the acerbic wit of Kathleen Hanna and the rest of the crew.

"For Now" - Original Cast of Avenue Q

Probably the most clever show to hit Broadway in a long time. It tore up all of your preconceived notions about musicals and about propriety, spit them in your face, and then applied all of them in its own way. Genius.

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