02 January, 2012

A picture of a fruit that looks like something else, and an inclination

So, I found this photograph of a scantily clad...grapefruit on a feminist blog (this one: My Life As A Feminista). It's great. It made me so happy.

I also have this inclination, at the beginning of this new year (even as I've just decided not to believe in years), to sit down and write again. It's not going to be something I will feel guilty about not doing, because that just seems a bit silly, but when I have an inclination (like I do right now) I will sit down and write my thoughts and try to share something of myself, and work out a bit more of what I want to do with that self. It isn't a resolution. It is an inclination, and I think that will make me far more likely to follow through.

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