04 May, 2008

A self-described "unicorn fart"

That title, in all of its wacky glory, basically sums up Sia Furler. She is a unicorn fart, something both beautiful and slightly surreal, and at the same time as completely ordinary as a bodily function. She seems like the kind of girl I could chill with. Our fun would be goofy - I don't really see her smashing out the heavy stuff - but it would be fun as well, real fun.

Those music-lovers out there probably know Sia best for her serious (and seriously cold) song "Breathe Me" which was included in Six Feet Under. I wasn't really a fan of Miss Furler at that time; I'd had enough of the pop/rock/folk songstresses who never really got past the sharp pain of that original breakup (or the equally sharp pain of the original fall that leads to the breakup). Guys suck; my life is so awful; I loved you so much and now it's over; save me from myself; yadda yadda; blah blah blah. Bottom line: Unless the music is amazing, I really don't want to hear about mundane relationship issues or personal issues at all, in song form. I was kind of turned off by "Breathe Me", and subsequently I basically ignored the hype surrounding Colour the Small One and Sia's latest release Some People Have Real Problems.

That was until I heard a new song on WERS. It was amusing, bouncy, and strong, and it was a far cry from anything depressing, even though the subject matter was fairly heavy. "The Girl That You Lost to Cocaine" is (I suppose) what could be called a new hit from Sia, and it's really an amazing song. It woke me up out of a deep sleep at about 3:00 in the morning (it's funny how I hear the best music at 3:00 in the morning) and it left me wanting more. I've now listened to quite a bit of Some People Have Real Problems, and I'm really enjoying the music. Highlights are "Electric Bird", "Playground", "Little Black Sandals", "Buttons", and "Death By Chocolate". I cannot say that there is a bad song on the album, although there are definitely songs that I enjoy more than others. What I really enjoy, overall, is the levity that Sia brings to this most recent project. This girl is not taking herself too seriously, even when she's singing of serious things, and this makes the album ten times more fun than Colour the Small One.

On that note, I'll give you a little taste of Sia Furler (the unicorn fart), and a little taste of "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine. It's all good.

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